Onboarding software

Don't just hire, inspire

Help your people meet their full potential by getting them up to speed, and connected to company culture

Create real connections

Engage new hires before day one. Connect them with their teams and your company culture, values and goals.

Reduce time to productivity

Establish a clear understanding of roles and eliminate tedious paperwork to let your people focus on their jobs from day one.

Streamline the process

Focus on people, not processes. Onboarding software lets managers easily communicate with new hires and monitor their progress.

Minimise paperwork

Online forms in onboarding software let new hires complete onboarding paperwork faster and focus on their core job responsibilities sooner. Information gathered during recruitment and onboarding will automatically transfer to the rest of Dayforce so your HR team can focus on your people instead of the paperwork.

Make it personal

Create a welcoming and personalized experience for new hires, as well as existing employees moving to new roles. Connect new hires with their team, a mentor, and other key employees. Even before their first day, new hires can start building relationships and socially integrate into your organization and their team with onboarding software.

Support day-one readiness

Readiness checklists walk new hires through the key steps of the onboarding process. New hires can complete all necessary tasks in onboarding software before day one. Managers can communicate job expectations and track the new hire's progress to increase productivity from the start.