Give your people a voice with employee engagement surveys

Engage your people. Improve productivity. Boost retention.

Capture honest feedback with anonymous surveys that are easy to create and send with Dayforce Engagement. Quickly understand trends and patterns with analysis tools, and take action to drive change, boost your retention, and support your DEI initiatives.

Reduce employee turnover

Gain insights to help you proactively increase engagement for flight-risk talent and give them one more reason to stay.

Heighten company performance

Find out what motivates your people so you can help them perform at their best and drive results.

Create a culture of belonging

Understand how your people feel about work. Uncover where progress can be made to increase belonging.

Get firsthand feedback faster

Easily create surveys using built-in HCM data. Our pre-defined question library helps you build your survey quickly, whether it's a quick pulse check, deep-dive engagement survey, automated onboarding and exit survey, or pre-built inclusion and financial wellness survey.

Give your employees a voice

Survey the people who can give you the most valuable feedback, whether it’s a small group of employees or your entire organization. Promote transparency with anonymous survey responses, and measure employee experience with eNPS.

Gain insights and take action

Make strategic decisions to improve engagement with the help of interactive dashboards to identify trends and patterns. Get a read on employee comments with sentiment analysis to uncover critical issues. Provide leaders with insights based on real-time data across the employee lifecycle so they can act at the right moment.