Compensation management software

Make better award decisions

Reward and retain people based on data-driven insights while streamlining administrative effort

Icon featuring overlapping talk bubbles to represent increased employee engagement

Increase engagement

Fair and equitable employee reward decisions grounded in data help to improve employee engagement and retention.

Icon featuring encircled dollar sign to represent improved cost controls with compensation management

Improve cost controls

Benchmarking data, decision support tools and alerts help to align to compensation budgets and guidelines 

Icon representing a cycle to symbolize how to streamline administrative effort with compensation management

Streamline administration

Real-time payroll updates and automated approval workflows speed up your processes to improve efficiency and drive consensus.

Insightful support tools

Dayforce can help managers make data-driven compensation decisions and reduce the risk of non-compliance. See data by role, performance rating, or time in position, as well as gender pay equity and external market rate data. Retain your top performers by adopting fair and transparent compensation practices. 

Screenshot of the Dayforce platform

Collaborative decisions

Managers and senior managers can work together to ensure budgets are being used to drive the greatest impact. The flexible workflows in the compensation management software let you share information and drive consensus.

Screenshot demonstrating collaborative decision-making in compensation management

Easy administration

Compensation management software provides the tools to build rules and frameworks that help managers make the best use of their compensation budgets, created by your company's compensation professionals. Leverage information already in the Dayforce system and build guidelines, budgets, and workflows.