Managed Payroll Services

With our payroll outsourcing model, you can focus on your business

Partner with Ceridian to free up time and resources

Ceridian’s Managed Services model uniquely combines decades of experience, seasoned payroll expertise, and award-winning technology to deliver industry-leading payroll administration. We augment your HR and Finance teams so you can focus more on strategic initiatives and less on navigating payroll processing.

Managed payroll services that fit your business

Our tiers offer choice and flexibility for every stage of your growth journey.


Lean on Ceridian’s payroll professionals to help augment your HR and payroll teams and manage key payroll processes on your behalf.


Help free your teams from day-to-day payroll with comprehensive services and add-ons to set your HR teams and talent strategies up for success.


Let Ceridian become an extension of your team. Outsource payroll to an industry leader so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Payroll outsourcing experts dedicated to you

Refocus on your core business

Offload payroll processing to Ceridian for support so that your HR teams can get back to championing your most important resource – your people.

Experts in managed payroll services

Ceridian’s tenured staff complement your teams with their skills and experience in compliance, payroll, and tax filing.

Experience leads to best practices

For over two decades, Ceridian has honed its payroll outsourcing methodology and led with payroll technology innovations.

Risk mitigation

Compliance leadership

Ceridian scored highest in two Use Cases in the 2021 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Cloud HCM Suites for 1,000+ Employee Enterprises.

Dedicated resources

Our compliance experts monitor changing laws for potential impacts to our payroll solutions, helping us respond proactively.

Innovative technology

Applicable configuration options can be built into the Dayforce rules engine to address multi-jurisidictional pay and tax updates.

Elevate your payroll experience

Increased accuracy and efficiency

89% of companies track payroll error rate as a KPI1

  • Continuous calculation of payroll helps provide data accuracy and less rework
  • Dayforce bridges the gap between pay and time, helping to reduce the risk of integration failure points
  • Integrated payment services facilitate secure money movement


Our Managed Services model is designed to scale as you do.

  • Partner providers undergo Ceridian-driven due diligence
  • Feet-on-the-ground expertise backed by global scale
  • Support pods in all time zones for operations anytime, anywhere
  • Unified data transmissions in Dayforce for simplified reporting

Frequently asked questions

Upon contract signing, Ceridian will work with you to design a payroll schedule to accommodate both yours and the Managed Services teams' roles and responsibilities. We audit your payroll data daily and perform a final review prior to payroll commit. Generally, for a Friday payday, we would ask that time records be locked and approved on Monday. Changes made to time records after this point are considered retroactive and will be picked up automatically in the next pay period. Dayforce's continuous calculation engine helps insulate your teams from experiencing material changes to the timing of payroll, as changes entered outside of the payroll commit schedule are captured automatically. Reach out to us to learn more about partnering with Ceridian for Managed Payroll.

Managed payroll services will free up valuable time for your HR and finance employees so they can focus on other high-priority projects. Since payroll is a continuous process, the effects of third-party managed payroll support compounds with time. If you’d like to approximate how much time, money, and resources you could save with managed payroll support, contact our Ceridian team today. With our ROI tool, we can give you targeted estimations to help in your decision.

Payroll outsourcing services should offer a unified system for managing payroll processing tasks. You should also look for a vendor that keeps up with industry standards, changing legislation, and taxation rules. Our payroll experts use Dayforce to customize your payroll strategy, handle your payroll needs, and generate clean reports for your review.

Managed payroll services operate with an umbrella contract that includes smaller tasks and projects. Our payroll experts provide procedural standardization, Dayforce-powered payroll processing, scalable pay tracking, and compliance risk mitigation. You can also expect off-cycle processing, garnishment administration, tax filing, coordination of termination coverage, and more.

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