HR document management system

All your HR files, all in one place

Keep your information organised in an HR document management system for easy storing and access


Spend less time locating files with powerful search and filter capabilities. Get what you need fast to get on with your day. 

Easy access

Keep all relevant HR documents in a single HR document management system, attached to the employee record for instant access.


Store employee HR documents securely with restrictions to help control access to personal information and sensitive employee data.

Centralised HR information

All employee documents and files are stored in one HR document management system for easier access, removing the need to manually store and manage documents. Managers can more easily locate and update relevant employee documents.

Employee record access

Documents in the HR document management system are attached to the employee record for easier visibility. Managers can review critical employee information and ensure that the proper documents are filled out. Employees can be given access to their own documents to keep their information up to date and relevant.

Integrated into HCM

Documents can be embedded into other areas of human capital management to capture critical information that can be relevant to onboarding, performance management, and other key areas. 

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