Software Partnership Levels

Dayforce Strategic Partner Badges

These Strategic partnerships require significant investment and coordination on both ends to deliver a shared value proposition for our joint customers, as well as a unique business case that creates a market impact and creates new business for Ceridian. This is an invite-only program but also includes partners that have grown and evolved in our Growth and Emerging programs. Our Strategic partners continue to differentiate themselves in their own solution areas as market leaders and have proven their ability to deliver product, industry, or geographic growth across Ceridian and our entire Ceridian Partner Network by leveraging and expanding partnerships beyond Ceridian.

Dayforce Growth Partner Badges

Our Growth Partner program is focused on our partners that have demonstrated exceptional success in their business investment in the Dayforce Partner Program. These partners continue to differentiate themselves by continuing to leverage elements of the Ceridian Partner Network and expanding the adoption of their Verified integrations to continue and align with our industry and geographic expansion. In addition, our Growth partners demonstrate commitment to expanding their own business by investing in additional marketing and demand generation activities to not only help expand their own customer base but continue to develop opportunities for Ceridian to expand and drive additional competitive advantage through our combined solutions.

Dayforce Emerging Partner Badges

The Emerging program provides all the benefits of our Platform program and builds on the momentum and experience in the Dayforce network to include more hands-on partnership management, expanding marketing and sales alignment, as well as access to our integration verification porgram to take your development efforts to the next level. By takig advantage of all the elements in our program, Emerging partners can build even more momentum and gain exposure through access to several Ceridian events and other benefits by increasing customer adoption and establishing a strong integration go-live experience with Verified integrations.

Dayforce Platform Partner Badges

Our Platform Partner program is an open and inclusive program that allows ISVs to gain experience, exposure, and momentum around embracing the Dayforce Partner Program. The access and benefits of our Platform Program allows partners to develop the necessary skills and knowledge around our Dayforce platform and develop their initial business expansion with our growing family of Customers. The intregration experience gained through the day-in-the-life of our customers and create early adopter success. At the same time, learning how our sales and services organizations, as well as our other Partners, interact in the Customer Lifecycle helps position you for additional expansion and growth in our program.

Dayforce Verified integrations Partner Badges

Verified integrations are partner level integrations, built and maintained by the Partner, and verified by the Ceridian integration team. These integrations are intended to be built as productized and repeatable for multiple customers. These integrations are allowed at various partner levels and re-certified after major releases. The supporting documentation for these integrations, are delivered, supported, implemented, and maintained by the partner.