March 8, 2022

Ceridian is observing International Women's Day – Here's how you can too

Celebrate International Women’s Day with our team at Ceridian and millions of others worldwide. Explore how to join the conversation on March 8 and beyond.

We live in a world full of bias, and one in which differences that should be celebrated are used as the basis for discrimination. Every country can improve their commitment to equity and inclusion, and all of them can improve the fairness, freedom, and opportunities they offer their diverse populations. 

Across the globe, women face the threat of violence, workplace exclusion and discrimination, barriers to education, inadequate health care, and pressure to contribute and conform to unfair expectations. At Ceridian, we are committed to helping to #BreakTheBias. To recognize the unique views of women around the world, Ceridian’s YOUnity groups – our employee resource groups – are all coming together to highlight and empower issues facing women.

International Women’s Day 2022 at Ceridian

This quarter, we were offered training focused on unconscious bias. Also known as implicit bias, unconscious bias is a learned assumption, belief, or attitude that exists in the subconscious. Whether we like to admit it or not, unconscious bias affects the dynamics of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Some examples of unconscious bias include women being routinely left out of meetings, overlooked for promotions, or paid significantly less than male co-workers of similar qualifications and duties. When left unchecked, each of these realities can quickly turn into pernicious policies, procedures, and cultures.

To overcome unconscious bias, we first have to be aware of it – and that starts with education. Here at Ceridian, we hope our training sessions will be the first step to #BreakTheBias and improve work for women across the globe.

One such training that is currently underway focuses on cultural humility – a key concept for thoughtful engagement of gendered issues in international settings. Cultural humility is the ability to approach another person’s cultural expression and identity with an open mind. When co-workers express cultural humility toward one another, they lay the foundation for continued diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our internal training to address implicit bias and cultural humility promote the self-reflection and self-awareness necessary for everyone to #BreakTheBias.

Ceridian’s YOUnity groups promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

In celebration and honor of International Women’s Day 2022, each of our employee resource groups are hosting events and sharing information that address their unique intersectionality. Here are a few of the goings-on at Ceridian this March:

  • The Ceridian Women’s Network will be hosting a LeanIn conversation aimed at sharing women’s stories and promoting dialogue about women-centric diversity and inclusion best practices.
  • The Ceridian Black Employee Network is launching a book club with the first reading by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Between the World and Me.” This book club will continue to furnish participants with fresh perspectives that challenges their unconscious biases.
  • The Ceridian Asia Pac Network is celebrating Hinamatsuri with an article on this Shinto and Japanese cultural holiday that focuses heavily on young women, in particular.
  • The Ceridian Hispanic & Latino Network is showcasing three influential Latin-American women who have shattered barriers. By sharing the inspiring history of these female forerunners, our teams will have more chances to practice cultural humility through education.
  • The Ceridian Pride Network is showcasing an article on challenges facing LGBTQ women in healthcare. This educational effort will share stories that cover the intersection of gender identity in the workplace.
  • The Ceridian DisAbility is showcasing microlearnings from our partner, Blue Ocean Brain. These learning activities and quick courses will promote awareness for differently abled women worldwide.
  • The Ceridian Native & Indigenous People Alliance has published an article creating awareness of the ongoing crisis facing missing and murdered indigenous women. With this article and other initiatives, we hope to bring awareness to this troubling emergency.

“When we continue to learn, we continue to grow and open ourselves up to new experiences. Suddenly, our comfort zones have grown,” says Donnebra McClendon, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ceridian. “I’m proud of the efforts our YOUnity groups have put in to show the issues impacting women across the globe. These lenses are an important way to overcome bias on multiple levels.”

Ways you can observe International Women’s Day

Our teams at Ceridian are busy with educational and conversational efforts to #BreakTheBias and raise awareness for the variety of issues affecting women globally. And you can be, too.

Encourage IWD activities at your workplace

Encourage International Women’s Day dialogue with co-workers and share information about the issues affecting women in your industry. Education is one of the easiest diversity and inclusion best practices to implement, so begin the journey toward equity in the workplace by simply sparking a conversation.

Educate yourself with IWD resources

International Women’s Day is all about shedding light on previously overlooked issues facing women in companies, countries, and cultures worldwide. Engage with the litany of resources, videos, and activities online at the official International Women’s Day website.

Join the conversation online

Social media is an excellent place to share your support for International Woman’s Day. Join people all over the world in the pledge against implicit bias. All our Ceridian YOUnity groups invite you to show your support by posting the #BreakTheBias pose to social media on March 8.

Donnebra McClendon is the Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ceridian. She is an innovative thought leader and strategic business partner who focuses on cultivating consciously unbiased and intentionally inclusive leaders.

Donnebra McClendon

Donnebra McClendon is the Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ceridian. She is an innovative thought leader and strategic business partner who focuses on cultivating consciously unbiased and intentionally inclusive leaders.

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