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TeamRelate jump-starts thriving relationships and helps grow productive teams with purposeful communication and engagement. 

Introducing TeamRelate. Relationships on Purpose.



Award-winning TeamRelate helps team members understand each other better and ensure effective interactions.

TeamRelate changes how people communicate at work and home. Watch this video to discover how TeamRelate helps team members understand each other better and ensure effective team interactions.

  • Team conflict solved
  • Pair employees together to build productive teams
  • Relationships on purpose
  • With the TeamRelate iOS app, you always have access to your teammates' current mood and communication style

TeamRelate assesses four communication styles: Director, Encourager, Facilitator and Tracker.

Pair People for Results

Assess Connect Relate with TeamRelate

TeamRelate provides valuable assessment information and immediate practical coaching to help organizations build effective communication and collaboration among colleagues.

  • See the communications styles and engagement levels of teammates
  • Learn how to better relate and adjust to achieve the best result
  • Engage in productive conversations, problem solving and conflict resolution

TeamRelate has the ability to assess communication styles, determine what any given interaction between two people will look like, and provide real-time tips on how to minimize conflict and maximize effective communication. TeamRelate brings new insight and purpose to helping people engage with each other in the most meaningful way.

Engagement for Everyone

Engagement for Everyone


  • With TeamRelate, you always have access to your co-workers current mood and communication style
  • Create positive relationships on purpose
  • Purposeful communication + purposeful engagement = productive teams
  • Easy and effective applications for employees and managers

Our formula for success:
Purposeful communication + Purposeful engagement = Productive Teams


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