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Experience the benefits of flexible, scalable and straightforward Payroll and HR solutions so you can focus on growing your business.

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Ceridian Payroll Solution

Get the service and support you need and reduce payroll administration time when Ceridian processes your payroll in a few simple steps:

  • Sign in
  • Input Payroll Data
  • Preview Payroll
  • Submit

Get back to what you do best with the help of Ceridian’s Payroll solution. Our payroll solution offers:

  • ACA filing and reporting
  • Comprehensive payroll processing
  • Remittance and tax filing
  • Deductions
  • Garnishments
  • Direct deposits and checks
  • Year-end processing and services
  • Payroll on the go through our mobile app
  • Payroll preview and history
  • Reports and more!

Ceridian also offers advanced HR/Payroll functionality which will scale as your business grows. View our comparison chart.


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Ceridian HR/Payroll Solution

When you need HR and payroll for your business, you want more than complicated payroll calculators, outdated HR systems, and disorganized benefits administration. Choose a partner who will help you keep up with HR, payroll and benefits requirements.

Ceridian’s HR/Payroll solution is a comprehensive offering providing everything our Payroll solution does plus:

  • Robust reporting to easily access and review HR, payroll, and benefits data to enable Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Compliance management with complex and constantly changing federal, state and local laws, including tax filing requirements
  • Access to current, accurate HR data to manage compensation, benefits, job history, and more
  • Self-service to enable employees to maintain and update their HR data subject to your approval processes
  • Payroll processing on the go from our mobile app

Ceridian also offers a robust payroll-only solution. View our comparison chart.


ACA Reporting


 Mobile HR/Payroll

Are you challenged by Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking and reporting requirements? Complying with provisions of the ACA that apply to small businesses can be complex - and carry stiff penalties for non-compliance. We can help. Ceridian's HR/Payroll tools and services for small and mid-sized businesses can help you by:

  • Defining the measurement period for your organization
  • Transferring new hires to permanent for measurement purposes
  • Calculating employees' average hours worked 

The ACA functionality of Ceridian's human capital management application for small businesses can help you manage your employee population monthly:

  • Offer of Coverage
  • Auditing
  • Filing
  • Electronic and printed forms

Learn more about how ACA requirements affect small businesses.

 HR/Payroll Mobile Client Login - SmallWith Ceridian HR/Payroll, you can easily pay your employees anytime, anywhere. Simply log in to Ceridian HR/Payroll from an Android or Apple (iOS) device using your current, secure credentials and you will be able to complete many of your critical payroll tasks. 

HR/Payroll from your smartphone or tablet provides:

  • An intuitive user interface 
  • Ability to perform employee hire / profile / bank deposits 
  • Ability to view deductions and contributions
  • Helpful links to training, local/state/federal regulations, HR support, and more

Learn how convenient HR/Payroll can be!




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