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  • Infographic: 5 Important Questions to Consider when Evaluating EAPs

    As you evaluate your strategy, consider these 5 questions to ensure that you’re offering employees the best possible resources for their needs. 

  • 6 Ways to Create a Culture of Well-Being

    Workplace wellness has become an integral part of engagement practices. Learn 6 imperatives for shaping your culture. 

  • At-a-Glace Guide to Engaging Today’s Workforce

    Uncover the secrets of engaging Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, remote workers and everyone in between.

  • Passing the Baton: Preparing Millennials to Lead

    As Baby Boomers retire, organizations face a leadership gap. Explore ways to prepare Millennials to accept the leadership baton.

  • September News Briefs

    Review a summary of news, trends and industry information from trusted sources. 

  • Infographic: 5 Tips for Making Work Better

    What does "better at work" mean to you? We surveyed more than 600 CeridianVoice readers, and here's what we found.

  • How to Make 2016 Open Enrollment Better: A Q&A with Our Experts

    Review 4 common open enrollment challenges and learn tips on how to make this annual event a better experience for everyone.

  • What’s Your Retention Secret Sauce? [Part 2 of 2]

    Ceridian HR Vice President Deb LaMere examines the ingredients of an effective retention strategy and how to mix them into your company culture.

  • August News Briefs

    Review a summary of news, trends and industry information from trusted sources.

  • 4 Work-Life Challenges Facing Caregiving Employees

    The trend of working caregivers is on the rise. Is your organization ready? Discover ways to boost productivity and engagement of your caregiving employees.


  • [Infographic] Trending Now: Corporate Wellness Trends to Watch

    Investigate the future of corporate wellness with Ceridian’s wellness trends infographic.

  • Are You Overlooking This 1 Thing During Implementation?

    Open enrollmentAs HR leaders evaluate, select and implement new technology to streamline processes, one area often gets overlooked: end-user buy-in. Are you missing it too?

  • 5 Mistakes That May Sabotage Your Wellness Program Efforts

    Providing wellness programs can help improve employee health, but beware of these five clues that could indicate you’re headed in the wrong direction.

  • Want to Retain Your Top Employees? Transparency is Key [Part 1 of 2]

    What’s the secret to retention success? Ceridian’s HR Vice President Deb LaMere shares how transparency helps Ceridian boost retention and engage employees.

  • June New Briefs

    Review a summary of news, trends and industry information from trusted sources.

  • [SlideShare] Navigating the Obstacles of Global HR

    Managing HR demands of a global organization requires agility. Investigate the top five challenges facing international companies, along with strategies for overcoming them.

  • Building the Business Case for Better Global Payroll Data

    Explore how to evaluate the effectiveness of your payroll data and gain support for addressing key data issues.

  • Unpacking the Complexities of Corporate Relocation

    With growing competition for talent, HR is be faced with making tough decisions about relocating existing or prospective employees. Consider the cost and compliance implications such a move will have on the company, as well as the engagement impact it may have on employees.

  • Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Collaborative Team Culture

    In the HR world, there’s been a lot of buzz lately about hiring for “culture” and “fit,” but what does that really mean? How does hiring the right person based on a team or company’s culture translate to the day-to-day business operations?

  • May News Briefs

    Review a summary of news, trends and industry information from trusted sources.

  • Moving to the Cloud? Don’t Miss These Data Cleaning Tips

    What does spring cleaning look like for your HR department? How much attention do you give to your HR data and processes that may have become outdated over time? 

  • What’s Your Leadership Style?

    In any company, leadership styles are as varied as the people who use them. Do you know your leadership style? For insight into how you lead, take the CeridianVoice leadership quiz. This quiz provides insight into your leadership strengths and weaknesses, along with unveiling which 1950s job best matches your leadership style. 

  • Why Developing Your Leadership Pipeline Needs to be a Priority

    With shifting workplace dynamics and increased on-the-job transparency[1], employees are beginning to demand more and more from their employers. In a nutshell, this means that if organizations can’t keep their workforce engaged, employees will likely quickly move on to their next opportunity.

  • Manager Guide: How to be More Intentional about Diversity

    Since 2005, Human Resources Executive magazine has noted a 58 percent increase in women holding top HR positions at large companies. The editors note that “the business world has woken up to the fact that talent matters more than gender when it comes to leadership.” Of course, this holds true for more than just gender. 

  • April News Briefs

    From the April 2015 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • HR Strategy Workbook

    When was the last time you gave your HR strategy a thorough review? The rapidly changing nature of today’s HR industries requires organizations to evaluate, refine and revitalize their HR strategy. But the biggest challenge is getting started on this daunting task.

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Broker Relationship

    94 percent.jpgAmid ongoing changes to the health care landscape, one group that is continuing to face uncertainty about what Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes mean for their business and client relationship is the broker community. In this time of change, however, brokers remain a critical asset to HR leaders even if the traditional broker role may be changing. 

  • Top Considerations When Evaluating an HCM Solution

    HR and payroll professionals know one of the best ways to grow your strategic partnership in the business is to make a visible impact on your company’s bottom line. Embracing an innovative human capital management (HCM) solution is one way to consolidate and streamline your HR and payroll processes to help move your company forward. Not to mention, a holistic HCM solution can help you better engage employees along the way. 

  • Tips for Refining your HR Strategy

    Where does pursuing your HR strategic initiatives usually rank on your to-do list? For most professionals, HR strategy is designated as a top priority, but daily demands, crises and short-lived initiatives push it toward the bottom of the list. This month we sat down with Ceridian consultant Greg Trok to discuss ways your HR department can define and improve its HR strategy. 

  • March News Briefs

    From the March 2015 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Infographic: Tackling Rising Rx Prices

    Learn how to improve your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) relationship to help control rising health care costs. 

  • Voice Reader Insight: It's Time to Streamline ACA Compliance

    Since the Affordable Care Act became law, organizations have spent countless hours deciphering this regulation. Consequently, those in HR know the ins and outs of ACA compliance. CeridianVoice readers, in particular, have a comprehensive understanding of the law, with 97% of readers receiving a perfect or near perfect score on our ACA quiz. 

  • 3 New Employer Strategies for Reducing Health Care Costs

    As the health care industry continues to evolve, those of you in the trenches of managing cost know how much of an impact even a small percentage increase in health care costs can make. Research from Pricewaterhouse Coopers suggests that if health plans remain unchanged, medical costs could rise by 6.8 percent in 2015. 

  • Mastering the ABCs of Reducing Employees’ Health Costs

    We are in the midst of significant change in the world of health care. In response to rising health care costs, more companies are shifting more financial responsibility to employees through consumer directed health care plans. However, 40 percent of employees don’t understand their health care benefits, according to SHRM’s 2014 Employee Benefits Report. Individuals’ increased health care responsibility is affecting employee finances, morale, engagement and productivity. 

  • February News Briefs

    From the February 2015 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • HR Toolkit: Take your HR practices to the next level

    Executives’ renewed focus on employee engagement, wellness, and talent management has put HR in the spotlight. Are you ready to take your HR practices to the next level? Ceridian’s HR toolkit offers you articles, eBooks, videos and more to help you tackle today's top topics. Get ready to make an HR difference in your organization!

  • Harnessing Middle Managers for Engagement and Retention Success

    StrategyJohn is a top contributor at his company. He’s very skilled at what he does, yet, despite his best efforts, his ideas often get stifled when he shares them with his manager. Though John feels motivated to produce good work, he is very quickly disconnecting and disengaging from his work – largely in part because of the relationship with his direct line manager. 

  • Spotlight on Retention: 5 New Twists on Tired Thinking

    You’ve heard it all before. Of course we all want our employees to stick around – it’s expensive to hire and train new talent, turnover interrupts operations, so on and so forth. But what if in this New Year we take a new twist on how we traditionally think about retention? What if we turned our old thinking upside down? Read on for some new ideas for transforming your retention strategy in 2015.

  • Avoid these New Hire Pet Peeves

    Congratulations, you’ve hired a new employee! Now what? Unfortunately, finding the right candidate is only half the battle of filling a vacancy. The final and most important step of hiring is effectively training for the position and integrating the employee into the company culture. 

  • January News Briefs

    From the January 2015 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • [Quiz] Are you an ACA Ace?

    Think you’re a pro when it comes to compliance with the Affordable Care Act?

  • Are Your Employees “Sandwiched?”

    Hi! My name is Ellen. While I don’t work for your organization, I personify the characteristics of a select group of employees at your company. You see, I am a member of the Sandwich Generation, which means I am part of a group of workers who are juggling our personal goals with the responsibilities of caring for both our children and aging parents. Our generation has diverse and often complicated needs, which poses unique challenges for companies.

  • Tackling the Problem of Lackluster EAP Usage

    What if your employee assistance program (EAP) was one of the first places employees turned to for resources and information? This goal may seem ambitious, but the personalized, reliable and expert information and resources offered by an EAP gives it the potential to be a go-to resource for information on topics related to employees’ everyday lives. However, the challenge lies in awareness.

  • Is Your Organization Fumbling Performance Management?

    What comes to mind when you hear the word performance management? If you’re like most people, you immediately think of the annual performance review. However, effective performance management involves much more than the official review and should be thought about more than once a year.

  • Are You Walking the HR Talk?

    HR leaders often find themselves stuck in the middle when it comes to work-life balance and other employee work practices. On one hand, they are trying to promote workplace culture, value and policies. On the other hand, they need to live up to these principles, which is often easier said than done.

  • News Briefs: Winter 2014

    From the Winter 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • [SlideShare] HR Tech: Past, Present and Future

    While the history of HR is long and varied, changes in technology and globalization have forced organizations to rethink how they function in the new business environment. Click through our SlideShare to learn more and test your HR tech knowledge with our pop quizzes.

  • 2 Simple Strategies to Reduce Health Care Spending

    The health care industry as we know it is changing. With new compliance requirements and rising health care costs, organizations must proactively manage their health care and benefit expenses. Consider the realities of today’s health care world:

  • Insight into HR Trends and Challenges: Q&A with Jayson Saba, VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian

    Ceridian's industry insider talks all things HR as he answers our questions on HR challenges, social media trends in the workforce, and how HR uses data and analytics to perform their jobs.

  • 3 Ways to Use Data to Invest in Employees' Financial Health

    In recent years, HR has expanded its view of wellness to include financial health. Employers have found that helping individuals improve their financial health has a positive impact on productivity, absenteeism and engagement. However, many companies are unsure how to effectively address employee money issues.

  • October News Briefs

    From the October 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • [SlideShare] The Ripple Effect of ACA Compliance
  • Don’t Rest on Your Laurels - More ACA Compliance in 2015

    For HR professionals, the next big Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance hurdle is on the horizon for 2015. Effective next year, employers subject to the employer shared responsibility mandate (a.k.a. “Play or Pay”) will be required to comply with the reporting requirement component of the “ACA compliance trifecta.”

  • Fitting 4 payroll pieces into the ACA compliance puzzle

    Without much stretch of the imagination, it’s easy to picture Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance as a jigsaw puzzle. Like a puzzle, the pieces of this regulation are complex, filled with minute details, and fit together in a very specific way. As organizations delve into the mandates of health care reform, they are quickly realizing that payroll is a critical piece for compliance.

  • 3 Tips for Making the Move to Mobile

    You have it by your side wherever you are. You look at it before you go to sleep and again when you wake up. On average, you check it 150 times a day. How did we ever cope without our mobile phones?

  • September News Briefs

    From the September 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Infographic: Wellness Warrior Quiz Results

    The results are in! How do you stack up against your wellness warrior peers?

  • 3 Ingredients for a Successful Open Enrollment

    The season of open enrollment is almost upon us, and its success depends on combining the right mix of communications. In a way, blending the components of a successful open enrollment is like cooking a tasty meal. Both require carefully following a tested recipe and incorporating ingredients that complement each other.

  • 5 Top Employer of Choice Attributes

    Creating a culture of success starts by cultivating the best talent. Attracting, retaining and engaging your most important asset – your people – is critical to driving your business forward and fostering long-term employee growth and development. Employees who respect their employer are less likely to leave, and that increased retention is beneficial for a number of reasons, including improved succession planning and a deeper talent pool.

  • 7 Ways to Ease the Transition Back to Work

    Each year family obligations, maternity leaves, travel, school, health issues and military obligations take employees away from work for extended periods of time. Many organizations take weeks – sometimes months – preparing for these absences, but few dedicate half as much energy into helping employees transition back into work. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, absences cost organizations a total of $100 billion a year, making it imperative that returning employees are effectively reintegrated into the culture. Improving how your organization engages returning employees is as easy as remembering the acronym W.E.L.C.O.M.E.

  • July/August News Briefs

    From the July/August 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • [Infographic] A look at paid vacation time around the globe

    View our infographic on paid vacation time policies around the globe and learn what questions to ask to ensure that your policy is in compliance.

  • Simple Tips for Building a Valuable, Compliant Internship Program

    With the summer season upon us, many organizations are opening their doors to interns looking to gain valuable work experience and bolster their resumes. Hiring interns can be a win for employers too, as it is often an important step in recruiting top talent. According to recent data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 60 percent of college graduates who worked as a paid intern also received a full-time job offer.

  • Time and Attendance: A Look at Paid Time Off Compliance

    The season of summer vacations is upon us, which often surfaces questions about paid time off policies and compliance. When was the last time your organization reviewed its paid time off and time and attendance policies? Conducting an annual review of your paid time off policy will help clarify employee time and attendance expectations and help protect you from potential compliance liability.

  • [Quiz] What kind of wellness warrior are you?

    Are you a white belt? A green belt? Red belt or black belt? Take our wellness quiz to find out how your company performs when it comes to your prowess in wellness programs and incentives.

  • [Infographic] What kind of wellness warrior are you?

    Test your wellness incentives prowess by taking our quiz!

  • June News Briefs

    From the June 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Video: Value Dashboards Provide Valuable Program Data

    In this short video, Ceridian LifeWorks customers share how Value Dashboards help them understand the utilization and return on investment (ROI) of their employee assistance programs and wellness programs.

  • The ABCs of HR Cloud Technology

    We’ve all heard the buzz about the cloud and how it is revolutionizing the way our society stores, accesses and uses information. In the HR realm, the cloud is heralded as the solution that will streamline the constantly growing administrative tasks of this field. Despite these promises, one question remains: Is human capital management (HCM) cloud technology here to stay?

  • 4 Quick Tips for Unearthing Better HR Data

    Human Resources departments big and small have long recognized the power of business intelligence and workforce analytics, though many organizations still lag behind in embracing the tools of modern technology. According to research by Josh Bersin, who analyzes corporate HR at Bersin by Deloitte, only four percent of employers are capable of performing “predictive analytics” on their workforces.

  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Employee Assistance Programs

    While employee assistance programs (EAPs) have been a long-time staple of the business world, they are often underutilized and misunderstood. However, current workplace statistics demonstrate the need for EAPs:

  • May News Briefs

    From the May 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Infographic: Why Good Sleep Health Matters in the Workplace

    View our infographic to see why good sleep health habits matter in the workplace.

  • Ask These 3 Questions to Stop the Employee Sleep Epidemic

    John is a new parent who, in the addition to adjusting to life with a newborn, has recently taken on a new project at work. The extra hours he’s had to put in at the office paired with multiple night wakings to care for an infant is wreaking havoc on his sleep schedule.

  • Are You Making These EAP Mistakes?

    Within the HR industry, employee assistance programs (EAP) are praised as tools to help increase productivity, strengthen engagement and decrease absenteeism. Among employees, however, the term EAP is often met with blank stares and confused looks. Research conducted by Business Insurance discovered that only three percent of employees used their employer’s EAP services in 2012. This statistic is one that should raise concern among HR professionals.

  • Birds of a Feather: 4 Employee Approaches to Retirement Planning

    According to a survey by Bank of America, 85 percent of employees report they are not saving enough for retirement. Additionally, 65 percent ranked themselves as being “not financially well,” which has a direct impact on their commitment to saving for retirement.

  • April 2014 News Briefs

    From the April 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Managing a Virtual Team

    With technology advancements and business globalization, telecommuting is becoming one of the top workplace flexibility options. Regardless of whether your organization operates in one U.S. location or in multiple countries around the world, virtual working arrangements can be the key to attracting, retaining and engaging today’s top talent.

  • Checklist for Selecting a Global Payroll Provider

    What is your international payroll strategy? Review our checklist for tips on selecting a global payroll provider.

  • Contest Winners: Readers Share their HR Challenges & Successes

    Looking back at 2013, what was the biggest HR challenge your organization faced and how did you address it? Last month, HR professionals reflected on this question and submitted their answers to our CeridianVoice short essay contest.

  • Trending Now: 5 Top Payroll Practices for Multinationals

    Regardless of the number of countries in which you operate, paying employees remains one of the most critical functions of your organization. Your business cannot operate effectively if you are unable to accurately, timely and compliantly pay your employees. Multinational companies face even greater challenges when it comes to paying employees because of the increased complexity.

  • March 2014 News Briefs

    From the March 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Video: ACA Wellness Incentives

    On January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed the regulations surrounding wellness incentive. Watch this video to discover what provisions are now in place for wellness incentives. Plus, explore how your organization can use incentives to motivate employees to be healthy and increase your bottom line.

  • Are You a Genius? Take our Wellness Incentives IQ Quiz

    Due to changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), wellness incentives are receiving the spotlight in the HR industry. What is your wellness incentives IQ? Take our quiz below and find out!

  • Crunching the Numbers: Employee Hours and the Affordable Care Act

    When it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one of the biggest concerns for employers in 2014 will continue to be the big ‘C’: Compliance. With so many numbers floating around – 30 hours, 50 employees, 90 days, 3-12 months, $2,000 and everything in between – it’s no wonder HR leaders are anxious about maintaining compliance with ACA regulations.

  • Concerned about Compliance? Avoid these Five Phrases

    With another year-end in the books, payroll tax professionals can finally see the end in sight. While resolutions abound in January, payroll professionals often have to put those goals on hold until W-2s have been mailed out and amendments have been made. Now that tax specialists have had a chance to take a deep breath, however, they can think about New Year’s resolutions, and traditionally, a big goal for payroll and tax teams often revolves around compliance.

  • February 2014 News Briefs

    From the February 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.

  • Three Gold Medal HR Technology Trends for 2014

    As the world’s best gather to compete at the Olympics in Sochi next month, human resources professionals are taking stock of their best performing “players,” too. 

  • Four Guidelines for Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

    Managers and supervisors know employees look for recognition. Yet they sometimes struggle with just how to praise appreciated employees. A Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Globoforce survey on employee recognition programs found that a successful employee recognition program helps an entire organization achieve its goals. Moreover, by developing an effective rewards program, managers can better reach employees and facilitate individual growth, development and engagement.

  • Infographic: Sandwich Generation

    Many of today's employees are facing a new and unique challenge: juggling their personal and professional needs with the responsibilities of caring for both their children and aging parents. This HR survival guide provides employers tips for supporting and helping these employees of a group known as the Sandwich Generation.

  • January 2014 News Briefs

    From the January 2014 issue of CeridianVoice.