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5 Simple Ways to Embrace the Fitness Tracker Trend

The New Year has arrived! And with its arrival, many employees are focused on resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight. Thanks to the ongoing wearable fitness tracker trend, it is easier than ever for employees to track their resolution progress. However, data alone doesn’t always provide employees the motivation they need to stick to their goals.

This gap in fitness tracker functionality, however, is one that can be easily filled by corporate wellness programs.

“A natural connection exists between fitness trackers and corporate wellness programs. While wearable devices provide tracking that is vital to success, wellness programs offer the motivation that keeps employees going. This partnership of wellness tools has the ability to transform New Year’s fitness resolutions from short-term goals to lifelong health habits,” said Brittany Larrabee, program strategist at Cerner Wellness.

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5 simple ways to embrace the fitness tracker trend

Is your organization ready to embrace the growing fitness tracker trend? Read the tips below for insight into how incorporating wearable devices into your wellness program can help you boost employee health and productivity.

  1. Create a tracking culture
    While fitness trackers are growing in popularity, not all employees have access to these devices. In fact, Forrester research indicates that only 1 in 5 U.S. consumers use wearable devices. Make fitness tracking part of your culture by providing employees partially or fully subsidized devices. Your wellness program provider can provide guidance on which device best suites your employees’ needs, along with group discounts that may be available.

  2. Make fitness fun
    One of the biggest strengths of fitness wearables is their ability to unite people. Increase participation in your wellness program by creating healthy competition among wearable users. Use individual, team and departmental challenges to encourage participants to adopt healthier lifestyles. Organizational challenges like walking 5 million steps in a month or travelling the distance from New York to San Francisco can also nurture camaraderie among employees.
  1. Click here to register for Ceridian's wearable webinar.Think beyond steps
    Broaden your wellness focus beyond counting employee steps. Fitness wearables can also track other important health habits, including getting adequate sleep, taking regular stretch breaks and ensuring workers in physically demanding jobs take regular intervals of rest. Reminders and challenges from fitness devices can help employees take a more balanced approach to improving their health.
  1. Maintain momentum
    Research from the American Council on Exercise has found that 1 in 3 customers stop using their fitness tracker within six months of receiving it. Combat this “tracker fatigue” with support from your senior and middle managers. Make it a cultural norm for employees to conduct walking meetings, stretch in common areas and do short bursts of physical activity at their desk. Also, regularly share employee testimonials that highlight how people are incorporating this technology into their everyday life.
  2. Use data wisely
    It is vital that employees trust that their fitness information won’t negatively influence insurance premiums or performance evaluations. Protect your employees’ privacy by only gathering aggregate data and focus on connecting this information to your company’s business goals. What impact do fitness trackers have on absenteeism, productivity, health care costs and workplace accidents? Share this and other fitness data with executives to reinforce the value of investing in employee health.

Advances in technology are making it easier for employees to take ownership of their health decisions. By combining fitness trackers with wellness programs, your organization can have a profound impact on employees’ overall health. To learn more about incorporating fitness wearables into your wellness program, register to attend Ceridian’s free The Future of Wellness: Integrating Wearables into Wellness Programs webinar on Thursday, Jan. 14 from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. ET.

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