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  1. Trump Administration Announces Decision to End DACA Program

    Sep 11, 2017

    A divided Congress has six months to pass replacement legislation and employers are now faced with balancing support for employees who may be DACA recipients with trying to prepare for upcoming changes. more...

  2. Texas Judge Blocks Obama-Era Overtime Rule Nationwide

    Sep 8, 2017

    The Obama-era rule would have doubled the maximum salary most workers could earn and still be eligible for overtime pay. The Department of Labor is seeking information from the public to propose a revised overtime rule. Employers should be on the lookout for a revised overtime rule, and need to ensure that they are complying with state laws that increase the minimum salary levels applicable to their employees regardless of the status of the federal rule. more...

  3. EEO-1 Pay and Hours Reporting Requirements Postponed – What Next?

    Sep 6, 2017

    With the postponement of Component 2 of the EEO-1 report at the end of August, our compliance team provides an overview of what employers should expect going forward. more...

  4. Big Data Killed ACA Repeal and Replace

    Aug 8, 2017

    Many reasons have been offered for the U.S. Senate’s rejection of Republican legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Several factors have been cited, but failure’s real cause was Big Data – three killer numbers that stopped seven years of Republican momentum to “repeal and replace Obamacare” in its tracks. more...

  5. Background Screening Restrictions: Making Sense of Federal and State Requirements

    Jul 26, 2017

    While employers screen applicants for many different types of information, the most common types of information screened are criminal background and credit history.  Restrictions on the collection of criminal and credit information exist at the federal, state and local level. All of these laws work together to form a patchwork of statutes, ordinances, and guidance that can be a challenge to navigate. Read on for an overview of Federal and State requirements for employers. more...