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Help employees with personal and professional challenges

Employee Assistance Programs

LifeWorks EAP

Ceridian LifeWorks is an award-winning employee assistance program that takes the guess work out of helping employees. Empower employees to tackle problems with easy-to-access information and resources.

  • Master's level mental health professionals are available to assist employees and their families at any time
  • A mobile app, a robust website and video counseling provide flexible and convenient access to services
  • Targeted and rich promotional support ensure employees use this benefit
Critical Incident Management

LifeWorks EAP

With Ceridian LifeWorks critical incident stress management (CISM) services, you can prevent or minimize post-traumatic stress in employees affected by a critical incident.

  • Prepare and respond proactively in the face of difficult workplace challenges
  • Empower supervisors to resolve workplace issues quickly and effectively
  • Reduce employee turnover and speed return to work after a traumatic event


The intuitive LifeWorks website connects employees and their families to timely resources and support, making it convenient and confidential to get help.

  • Prepare and respond proactively in the face of difficult workplace challenges
  • A mobile app provides on-the-go assistance 
  • Loads of award-winning content in formats including videos, podcasts, calculators and articles support different learning styles


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