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Workforce Management

Dayforce Workforce Management delivers critical advantages for employees, managers and administrators. Improve workforce performance, reduce labor costs, which are among the most controllable costs facing employers today, and align your workforce with your corporate goals, all while maintaining compliance rules and policies. As part of our transformative Human Capital Management solution, Dayforce Workforce Management enables you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities.

Time & Attendance

Track employee time, edit and automate clocks and punches with innovative Dayforce Time & Attendance functionality that is less expensive and quicker to deploy than competing solutions. Help your managers calculate pay quickly and accurately while complying with complex regulations.

Key advantages of Dayforce Time & Attendance include:

  • Easy-to-Reconcile Timecard
  • Complete Audit and Compliance Functionality
  • Collaborative Time Card Review
  • Live, Visual Feedback

Employee time tracking is just one of the human capital management tasks made easier with Dayforce HCM, a single application with one employee record, one user interface and no interfaces.

To learn more about Dayforce Time & Attendance:

Labor Budgeting

Reduce labor costs and align operations with your key performance indicators using the labor budgeting capabilities of Dayforce Workforce Management.

With Dayforce Labor Budgeting, improve accountability when you:

  • Track performance in real-time
  • Compare operational plans with actual performance
  • Integrate corporate goals into all levels of the organization

To learn more about Dayforce Labor Budgeting:

Weekly Planning & Scheduling

Plan, project and schedule confidently with Dayforce Weekly Planning & Scheduling module. It provides managers with real-time feedback about how planning and scheduling adjustments will impact results.

With Dayforce Weekly Planning & Scheduling, you can

  • Forecast accurately
  • Set KPI targets throughout workforce processes
  • Adjust forecasts mid-week
  • Watch how KPIs are being affected in real-time

To learn more about Dayforce Weekly Planning & Scheduling:

Attendance Management

Reduce absenteeism, and costs, with the rich visual interface of Dayforce Attendance Management. You'll be able to monitor attendance patterns and easily inform employees of their attendance history.

With Dayforce Attendance Management, you can

  • Simplify attendance management
  • Improve organizational alignment
  • Improve compliance

To learn more about Dayforce Attendance Management:

Task Management

If you're a manager, you'll appreciate the ability to create tasks and easily assign them to specific business units, locations, departments, and employees that comes with Dayforce Task Management.

With Dayforce Task Management you can:

  • Track costs accurately, based on activities
  • Increase visibility and control
  • Improve organizational alignment

To learn more about Dayforce Task Management:

Clocking Devices

Record shift start and end times with the flexible and simple-to-use time clock options available with Dayforce Workforce Management.

Choose from a variety of time data collection methods:

  • Purchase or rent a reliable time data collection terminal
  • Securely record time with a web clock to keep installation costs down
  • Leap into the future with mobile time clocking!

To learn more about clocking device options from Dayforce:

Dayforce Mobile

Dayforce Mobile puts access to a variety of tasks into the hands of employees and managers. Employees get up-to-the-minute access to schedules and other aspects of their employee record, while managers get visibility into HR, payroll and operations, even when on-the-go.

Dayforce Mobile is:

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • A tool to help employees improve communication, work/life balance, and access to time-sensitive schedule information
  • A boon to Managers to make decisions and respond to employee needs without taking time off the floor

To learn more about Dayforce Mobile:

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