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With limited resources and ambitious goals, many organizations are looking to achieve greater discretionary performance from their workforces while lowering costs and turnover. Ceridian partners with SuccessFactors to provide an industry-leading performance management solution that can be tailored to meet your organization’s goals.

When you partner with Ceridian for performance management, you can:

  • Reduce turnover by providing succession paths that incorporate employee skill sets
  • Increase engagement by cascading goals and providing learning opportunities
  • Maintain competitive recruitment by establishing a pay-for-performance culture
  • Improve regulatory compliance by streamlining performance and succession planning
  • Incent continuous development by aligning learning plans with performance ratings
  • Achieve a greater ROI by optimizing workforce productivity while lowering HR costs
“The consistency we have achieved across all related HR processes… has resulted in a transformed employee base that is aligned in its goals, motivated to perform and compensated accordingly for their efforts.”

-- Terry Fox, Director of HR Operations, Direct Energy

Through Ceridian’s partnership with SuccessFactors, you’ll receive industry-leading features, reliable expertise and award-winning customer service, so your HR staff can remain focused on your business.

Key features include:

  • Performance management with an objective “stack ranker” and 360-degree reviews
  • Goal management aligned to corporate objectives
  • Succession planning based on prior experience and current performance
  • Learning & development tailored to employee career paths
  • Pay-for-performance compensation management
  • Interface between SuccessFactors and Ceridian systems
  • Analytics & reporting for greater insight and continuous improvement 

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