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Payroll Cards

As a leading provider in payment solutions, you can trust Ceridian to pay your employees securely and efficiently. Whether you’re paying employees their wages, rewards or incentives, a payroll card provides them convenience, security and the flexibility of electronic payroll without the need for a bank account.

When you partner with Ceridian for payroll cards, you can:

  • Efficiently pay employees with instant issuance and funding
  • Reduce the cost of check production and distribution as well as lost or stolen checks
  • Build employee goodwill with this convenient, flexible benefit
  • Improve compliance by ensuring on-time payroll delivery and reducing unclaimed property reporting obligations
With a live check, if you need to void it you have to reverse it. So payroll cards are like a dream come true. I anticipate the cost savings are going to be huge.

-- Jenny Bomar, director of Payroll, VCA Antech

Ceridian’s payroll cards offer your employees numerous benefits too:

  • Immediate access to pay 24/7
  • Convenient acceptance of the card at millions of ATM locations
  • Ability to easily make purchases and pay bills online
  • Improved personal money management and monitoring
  • All the features of a bank account without all of the cost

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