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Cloud-based human resources software from Ceridian can transform human capital management from a collection of separate systems and interfaces to a single application.

Ceridian’s award-winning human resources software provides:

  • Real-time, instant calculations of pay, taxes and benefits, without interfaces.
  • The features you need now; reserve others for future growth
  • Full compliance with federal and state regulations, audit capabilities and automated workflows
  • Easy and intuitive user interface on the web and mobile

Ceridian’s human resources software gives you a single user experience for administrators, managers and employees. Whether your biggest HR challenges are managing employee information or staying compliant with ever-changing employment law, rely on your partnership with Ceridian for human resources services, and software that will help you streamline HR processes and understand HR compliance.

Dayforce Human Resources

Transform your HR department into a strategic resource. With Dayforce Human Resources, look forward to increased savings, consolidated HR records and faster, more accurate processes.

Dayforce Human Resources takes the stress out of HR record entry, reduces tedious approval processes and provides your team with intuitive tools to:

  • Communicate across the enterprise
  • Access and manage key HR details
  • Empower employees to manage work and life events

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