Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Award-winning Ceridian LifeWorks employee assistance programs help you address your organization's unique workforce needs. LifeWorks employee assistance and work-life services empower your employees, improve productivity, increase employee engagement and reduce costs.

Provide vital employee assistance programs (EAP) and work-life support to help your employees and their families with personal and professional challenges so they can be more present and productive at work. Enable employees to efficiently address personal and professional needs with easy access to comprehensive information and resources on topics ranging from planning for retirement to finding reliable child care.

LifeWorks employee assistance programs help you:

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Support employee well-being and reduce absenteeism
  • Boost employee engagement and retention

LifeWorks employee assistance programs are delivered:

  • Online through the comprehensive, mobile optimized and user-friendly LifeWorks.com website
    • 95% of website users report improved productivity and 93% report time savings over alternative sources
  • Via convenient mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users
  • In-person or by phone with highly trained EAP counselors
  • Through award-winning seminars, training, and educational materials

Additionally, LifeWorks employee assistance programs and work-life services provide:

  • Management coaching on everything ranging from conducting performance reviews to dealing with challenging employees
  • Emergency and critical incident stress management (CISM) including stress debriefing and on-site services
  • Financial and legal counseling and referrals
  • Assistance finding elder and child care 

Engaged and highly satisfied participants

Of those using LifeWorks employee assistance services:

  • 73% report feeling less stress
  • 68% report that they are more likely to stay with their employer
  • 62% report being more productive as a result of the program

Easy utilization and ROI reporting

Cut through “big data” clutter with the Value Dashboard. Easily see employee program utilization and trends, read participant testimonials, benchmark against other organizations, understand the return on investment and share insight with key stakeholders.

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