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Dayforce Time & Attendance

Dayforce Time and Attendance provides organizations with the tools they need to automate data capture, streamline timesheet maintenance, and automate the calculation of gross pay. Fully configurable according to your needs, Dayforce enables clients to accurately pay their employees in compliance with all Federal, State and Provincial labor rules, while also taking into account company specific requirements, such as union rules, shift differentials, and rounding requirements.

Key advantages of Dayforce Time & Attendance include:

Easy-to-Reconcile Timecard

  • Automated pay process checklist
  • Instant exceptions processing
  • Easy to identify and correct problems

Complete Audit and Compliance Functionality

  • Configurable pay and punch policies
  • Easily administers complex local, state/provincial and federal labor laws
  • Comprehensive validation and audit trail

Collaborative Time Card Review

  • Employee review and approval
  • Facilitates collaborative communication between managers, administrators and employees
  • Built-in meal/break waiver process

Live, Visual Feedback

  • Real-time, to-the-punch costing
  • Immediate visibility of the full impact of adjustments

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