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Dayforce Payroll

Punch-to-Pay in a Single Solution

Dayforce Payroll replaces traditional batch-driven payroll systems with a real-time, SaaS application that provides up to fifty percent reductions in payroll processing time. With Dayforce, your organization will achieve a swift and tangible ROI by streamlining payroll processing, improving accuracy, and ensuring compliance – all while eliminating redundant data entry and reliance on fragile interfaces. 

Our innovative application takes the stress out of payroll processing and provides you with intuitive tools to:

  • Preview and fix records in real-time
  • Configure audits to quickly identify errors
  • Provide employees with self-service access to earnings statements and tax forms
  • Automate tax calculation and tax administration, including complex multi-jurisdictional scenarios

Transform your payroll processing system from a cumbersome, error-prone, and time consuming burden, into a simple, intuitive, web-based application that allows you to access data anytime, anywhere, over the web.

Dayforce Payroll features: 

  • Quick entry of pay adjustments using your keyboard, or import from Excel
  • Real-time fix and preview displays the net pay impact of changes with no latency
  • Configurable audits reports for identifying and resolving pay issues
  • Automatic, immediate tax record updates based on changes to employee addresses or work locations
  • Complete multi-jurisdictional taxation support, including calculation and filing of taxes
  • Standard and user-defined reports with embedded analytics

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