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Commuter Benefits from Ceridian and WageWorks are a cost-effective way for employers to reduce employees’ work-related transportation expenses while lowering your company’s tax liability.

With WageWorks Commuter Benefits, employees use tax-free funds to pay for parking and public transportation as part of their daily commute to work. Tax-advantaged commuter reimbursement accounts save employers up to 10% on total contributions, while participants save on average of 30% on eligible expenses.

With Commuter Benefits, employees gain access to nationwide coverage-in all 50 states and in more than 350 metro areas. Our commuter programs include over 3,000 parking locations and over 650 transit operators covering every major metropolitan area.

Drive up enrollment by providing commuter benefits that are easy and convenient for employees to understand, access, and use. WageWorks makes it quick and easy for your employees to pay for eligible transit and parking services with:

  • WageWorks® Commuter Card. Employees can use this card just like a debit card where they pay for transit and parking–just swipe and go.
  • Smart Cards. WageWorks Commuter Account contributions are loaded directly onto transit agency smart cards where available.
  • Buy My Pass. Employees identify which pass to buy from which transit or vanpool agency, and it’s delivered to their home.
  • Pay My Provider. Employees can access their accounts online and fill out a simple form to pay transit agencies or parking providers–no receipts or claims forms required.
  • Pay Me Back. Employees can arrange for commuter account funds to be deposited directly to a checking account or a check to be mailed to reimburse them for expenses they’ve already paid.

WageWorks Commuter Benefits integrate with payroll management, tax compliance, and employee enrollment functions. They also lighten your compliance and administrative burden since we ensure compliance with the latest IRS regulations, including those related to pass and voucher distribution.

Contact us today to learn more about how the WageWorks and Ceridian Commuter Benefits can meet your company’s needs.

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