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DATABASICS makes Expense Reporting simple and easy! Improve employee satisfaction while automating compliance, controls, and analytics.


DATABASICS provides cloud-based solutions to streamline expense reporting. Based in Reston, Virginia, DATABASICS' first products were released to the market in 1997. Today, their solutions are known for meeting the needs of companies by providing employees with fast and simple entry while satisfying the most demanding requirements and controls of the accounting and finance teams.

DATABASICS Expense gives users a mobile app with OCR to quickly capture receipts and pre-populate data, reducing the time and effort required to complete an expense report. Notifications and real-time updates also keep employees in the loop about reimbursements and other important details.

The direct integration with Ceridian and other accounting solutions empowers organizations with better controls, streamlines processing time, and gives real-time analytics and visibility. For more complex and global organizations, DATABASICS supports cost allocations, multiple currencies, multiple languages, audits, and per diems out of the box.

Today, DATABASICS’ customers cover all industries and verticals and range in size from 50-person consulting firms to large multinational corporations. Deployed via the cloud, DATABASICS Expense can be implemented with little upfront investment and our “conversion program” allows for easy transition from other travel expense platforms.