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Partners & Brokers

We're proud that many of our customers describe their relationship with Ceridian as a partnership. Ceridian also forms mutually beneficial partnerships with providers and resellers. Together we can bring innovative solutions to new markets and deliver a wider solution set to our own customer base. Learn more about how you might benefit from a collaborative partnership with Ceridian.

Benefits Broker Partnerships

Combine your insurance expertise with Ceridian’s HR solutions to differentiate your business and deepen client relationships. 

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Insurance Carrier Partnerships

Ceridian delivers the benefits administration services, and payment processing solutions your company needs to improve growth, profitability and the member experience.

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Tax Remarketer Partnerships

Ceridian helps your clients save time, control costs, mitigate risk and enjoy peace of mind knowing their company’s payroll tax filing is running smoothly and accurately.

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Accountant & Payroll Referral Partnerships

Partner with Ceridian to gain a competitive advantage you simply can’t get anywhere else: a dedicated partner whose entire business model revolves around building a successful relationship with you.

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Product Partnerships

Ceridian can help you leverage your investments through partnerships with industry leaders for additional best-in-breed solutions that are key to your business needs.

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Implementation Partnerships

Our implementation partners are seasoned consultants in the field of HCM and leverage their expertise to deploy the Dayforce solution to our customers.

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Hosting & Technology Partnerships

Ceridian partners with industry-leading technology and hosting providers for some infrastructure solutions.

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