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TeamRelate works within Dayforce HCM to enhance and personalize communication, helping team members understand each other better to drive effective interactions.

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Dayforce TeamRelate. Relationships on Purpose.

Insight into Team Dynamics

Insight into Team Dynamics

Help improve employee and team communications

Dayforce TeamRelate identifies individual communication styles and core convictions to provide an understanding of how individuals interact and what motivates them, helping organizations improve communication and trust between individuals.

  • Provide a deeper understanding of team members
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Identify team strengths and potential blind spots

Dayforce TeamRelate provides a continuous pulse on team dynamics to help managers empower their team members.

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

Personalized insights to help drive employee engagement and productivity

Dayforce TeamRelate provides personalized, deliberate coaching and guidance to managers based on the unique communication styles and core convictions of each individual. This includes coaching tips for managers to communicate and interact with their employees in the following areas:

  • How to give feedback
  • How to motivate
  • How to maintain compatibility
  • How to resolve conflict

TeamRelate brings new insight and purpose to helping people interact with each other, to help enable continuous performance development and create a highly engaged workforce.

Engagement for Everyone

Engagement for Everyone

Build employee engagement

Personal Engagement Check-Ins provide a real-time indicator of a person’s engagement levels, to help individuals be more present in the moment and deliberate in their interactions with others.

  • Enables real-time engagement reporting
  • Provides a continuous pulse on team members’ sentiment levels
  • Facilitates stronger relationships

Team productivity is at its best when employees are fully engaged, communicate effectively and understand each other better.

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