Accurate time tracking, with easy compliance

Automate employee time tracking, streamline timesheet maintenance, and simplify gross pay calculation. Dayforce Time & Attendance tracks hours worked against hours scheduled. Managers easily compare the two sets of time, correct inaccuracies, or enter missing time.

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More time managing, less time tracking

Mobile Access


Designed for mobile, Dayforce enables store managers to act on critical time & attendance information without being confined to a back-office.

  • Managers can review, edit, and approve their employees’ timecards from any place at any time.
  • On-call shifts provide managers with flexibility to staff-up based on actual customer traffic throughout the day.
  • SMS messaging capability enables managers to rapidly send employees confirmation of on-call shifts.
Time Review

Time Review

With a responsive design meant for tablets, managers can review, edit, and approve their employees’ timecards without being confined to a back-office.

  • Provides both a traditional grid view of time and attendance, as well as a powerful hierarchy view for approving time and breaking out data by day or pay category
  • Includes project management and project time allocation for easy export to general ledger and financial management software
  • Dynamic sorting and view options and visualization logic allow managers to view relevant information in a meaningful hierarchy structure
Management by Exception

Management by Exception

When an employee forgets to punch out at the end of their shift, or punches in late for work, the application marks the shift on the timesheet for your review.

  • View a problems summary, listing all issues that need to be resolved before you close out pay, with direct navigation to edit the shift
  • Use powerful sorting and filtering tools to view all errors and exceptions on a single screen, expediting the review, edit and approval process
  • Quickly and easily add or remove punches, edit pay codes, or add comments to employee timecards.

Learn how Dayforce HCM can enable you to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve work life for everyone in your organization.

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