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Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company serving more than 50 countries.

Our Way and Values

Our Way and Values

Customer Focus
We listen to our customers with empathy and we care about them. We win when our customers win. We focus on delivering employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity to our customers. We celebrate success as a team.

We are open in the way we communicate and the way we do things. Integrity and accountability drive our behavior.

Preparation and planning is vital to our success. We establish goals and standards to measure our success against them. We focus on repeatability and reliability.

Optimism is planned behavior that leads to success. It begins with preparation. Preparation leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to confidence and confidence creates success.

We are flexible and innovative. We confront all challenges with enthusiasm. We encourage change in order to achieve success.

Awards and Recognition

Ceridian wins awards for innovative products, service, and culture

Ceridian is proud to have earned a variety of distinguished awards for human capital management technology innovation, organizational excellence and customer success. 

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Great Place To Work 2016

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Nucleus Research

Tektonic Award Logo 2016

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    Glassdoor Highest Rated CEOs Logo 2016


David Ossip

David Ossip
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Elliott President

Paul Elliott
President and Chief Operating Officer

Arthur Gitajn Chief Financial Officer

Arthur Gitajn
Chief Financial Officer

Larry Dunivan Chief Revenue Officer

Larry Dunivan
Chief Revenue Officer

Lisa Sterling

Lisa Sterling
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Kristina Cleary

Kristina Cleary
Chief Marketing Officer

Warren Perlman

Warren Perlman
Chief Information Officer

Ozzie Goldschmied

Ozzie Goldschmied
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Kitching

Scott Kitching
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Adrian Grbavac

Adrian Grbavac
Executive Vice President,

Ted Malley

Ted Malley
Chief Customer Officer

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong
Executive Vice President, Customer Support

"When a leader is trusted, you will find that they are supported even amidst disagreement."
"The trust and support of the workforce is built on a foundation of transparency and integrity. Leaders who communicate openly and honestly create an opportunity to develop trust."
"By listening, understanding and then acting on what is heard from the workforce, the leader builds trust and support."

David Ossip, CEO, Ceridian Human Capital Management
Source: Glassdoor for Employers

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